Care Instructions

One of the beautiful things about Aurora Heat™ warmers is how simple it is to care for them and how durable they are. Our first warmers sold in 2015 are still worn and loved by customers today!

Care for Aurora Heat products is easy. If the fur becomes damp, shake out the excess moisture, gently reshape the leather, and allow to air dry. Do not use direct heat, and prevent contact with lotions, perfumes, etc. Store in a ventilated, cool area. We now offer a Natural Fur Cleaner which will help to keep your warmers pristine for years!

No, avoid getting Aurora Heat warmers wet. If they do become wet, gently towel dry, reshape the leather and allow air dry with the leather against a flat surface. Shake occasionally to fluff up the fur.

No, our warmers cannot be washed in washing machines just as you would not machine wash a leather jacket. They can be wiped with a lightly water-dampened cloth and left to air dry. We also offer a Natural Fur Cleaner which will help keep your warmers pristine for years.

If by accident your warmers go through the washing machine, contact us, and we’ll guide you through through steps to revitalize them.

Usage Instructions

Always place the fur side directly against your skin.​ Aurora Heat™ products act as an insulator by using your body heat for warmth.

Insert the Hand Warmers into your mittens, gloves, or pockets with the fur against your skin on either the front or back of your hands or in your pockets. Your body heat is stored within the fur and circulated back to your body.

Fold the Hand Warmers over your fingers, with the fur against both sides of your hand. Next, push your hand into your mitten to secure the warmer in place. It can also be used with the length going from your wrist to your fingertips, on either side of your hand. Your body heat is stored within the fur and circulated back to your hands. 

Fold over the top of your thumb and push into your mitten or glove. Once placed inside, the grippy texture of the leather-side keeps it in place. This warmer is also great for individual fingers in gloves as well! 

Yes, many use our thumb warmers as finger warmers for gloves as well!

Wrap around your wrists, with the fur side against your skin, and snug with adjustable velcro. Your body heat is stored within the fur and circulated back to your wrists warming the blood that reaches your hands.

Match the shape of the warmers with the top of your feet. Place the fur side on TOP of your toes, to provide the loft that holds warmth. Best worn inside snug-fitting socks. 

Match the shape of the warmers with the top of your feet. Place the fur side on TOP of your toes inside snug-fitting socks. The extra length is there to fold the edge of the warmer over your toes.

Place this warmer anywhere you need warmth. Inside headwear, leggings, knee high socks, jackets, or pants. Position so that the fur faces your skin on all areas vulnerable to the cold—elbows, knees, chest, or even on the small of your back. This warmer can be used anywhere you want extra warmth and comfort.

Place the fur side on your skin or tuck into snug clothing. Other great uses for this warmer include using in bed, on your pillow, or at your feet. Or even keep at your work desk for comfort!

Solving a common problem, place the fur directly against your skin inside your bra cups. Your body heat is stored within the fur and circulated back to your breasts. This passive warming system does an incredible job of holding a comfortable temperature, keeping you surprisingly warm but not too hot.

Worn with the fur side against skin, place these warmers inside mittens for everlasting warmth. Alternatively, wrap the child's hand in the warmer and slip on the mitten.

With socks on, slip the warmer fur side down on the top of your child's foot. The warmers can also be slipped inside slippers or socks for bedtime.

Place the sekui head warmer with the fur side on their head, inside of headwear to keep them toasty warm.

There is no right or wrong way to use Sets'éni fur comforter for warmth, comfort and soothing. The fur side directly against their skin provides maximum warmth.

Shipping Policy

Aurora Heat™ is pleased to meet your National and International Shipping needs via Canada Post. 

Aurora Heat offers worldwide shipping via Canada Post. Please proceed to our secure checkout once you've selected your desired items. The cost of shipping will be provided once you've entered your shipping address and selected your shipping choice.

Please refer to the delivery estimates provided by Canada Post at check-out. Due to COVID-19, shipping to some locations might be slightly delayed. Please visit for more information.

Return Policy

You can feel assured in your purchase with us. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We are confident in the effectiveness and quality of our products and offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Please contact us for a full refund.

We offer 60 days for you to decide if Aurora Heat is right for you. In five years of business, we haven't had a single return due to an unsatisfied customer so we are confident you'll love your sustainable purchase.