Natural and Reusable Fur Canadian Wrist Warmers
Natural and Reusable Fur Canadian Wrist Warmers
Natural and Reusable Black Fur Canadian Wrist Warmers
Natural and Reusable Black Fur Canadian Wrist Warmers
Wrist Warmers
Wrist Warmers

Wrist Warmers

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Dënesųłiné traditional warmth wrapped around your wrists feels supremely comfortable and helps keep heat circulating to your hands while you enjoy the silky-softness of premium sheared beaver fur. The beauty in our Wrist Warmers is that they free your hands while providing continuous warmth and comfort, even while you sleep! The adjustable velcro clasp offers a perfect fit for everyone. Whether you're adventuring outside or chilled indoors, these are sure to make a big difference in your life.

Our Wrist Warmers are also helpful comfort for conditions that result in poor circulation and painful joints such as Diabetes, Raynaud's, Carpal Tunnel, and Arthritis

Unlike single-use and battery-operated warmers, Aurora Heat will never run out of warmth and will be enjoyed season after season with minimal care. Naturally hypoallergenic makes them ideal for sensitive skin. 

$1 from every product purchased is contributed to on-the-Land initiatives for Indigenous youth, educators and knowledge holders.

Sheared beaver fur is dense, silky-soft underfur, sheared to an optimal height. It is winter-quality, breathable, and odour resistant, composed of 10,000 fur filaments per square inch. This insulation layer is what enables beavers to keep warm while going in and out of freezing water in Northern Canada.

Convenient velcro fasteners allow for an adjustable fit.

Wrap around your wrists, with the fur side against your skin, and snug with adjustable velcro. 

Your body heat is stored within the fur and circulated back to your wrists. This passive warming system does an incredible job of holding a comfortable temperature, keeping you warm but not too hot.

Small: 3 X 8 inches. Fits wrist circumference up to 7 inches. 

Medium/Large: 3 X 10 inches. Fits wrist circumference 7+ inches.

Measure the smallest part of your wrist just below the wrist bone with a flexible tape measure.

Simply shake to fluff up, as needed. If your fur gets damp, shake out the excess moisture, gently reshape the leather, and leave to air dry on a flat surface. Avoid getting wet. Prevent contact with direct heat and lotions, perfumes, etc. 

We offer a Natural Fur Cleaner, to keep your Wrist Warmers like new.

We are confident in the effectiveness and quality of our products and offer a 1-year happiness guarantee. Simply contact us for a full refund.

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