Authentic Canadian ​
Fur Warmers

Live in Harmony with Nature. Sustainable Northern Fur for Warmth.

Indigenous Traditional Knowledge

Natural and Everlasting
Your body heat is stored within the fur to keep you warm.

Dënesųłiné Warmth

Why Aurora Heat™ ​is so Well-Loved

Highly Effective

Sheared beaver fur is the warmest and softest of furs available. Winter-quality and breathable, each warmer is composed of 10,000 fur filaments per square inch, insulating your body heat. Our favourite test is to place Aurora Heat™ on your palm and let you feel how they instantly heat up!


Unlike single-use and battery-operated warmers, Aurora Heat™ never turns off and can be enjoyed season after season with minimal care. Our warmers from 2015 are still in use—there are few products that can boast this longevity! Stay toasty-warm without creating waste.


Beavers are abundant and thrive in Northern Canada. They have litters, producing more than would survive in their environment. Harvesters are an important part of the ecosystem and help regulate the food web, never taking more than will be replenished naturally.


We source the highest grade of premium sheared beaver fur for unbeatable silky-softness and warmth. Many customers carry their Aurora Heat™ with them, simply because they are so comforting to touch! 


Connect and align with nature by choosing all-natural warmth. Aurora Heat™ warmers are 100% biodegradable and are not harmful to the environment. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic too!


Working with fur keeps our traditions alive. We take pride in our cultural identity and offer you products inspired by our ancestors. Essential throughout time, fur for warmth connects us all to our roots.

Ethically Sourced Fur

Aurora Heat warmers are made primarily of wild Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur™. This program complies with the International Agreement of Humane Trapping Standards and preserves the cultural heritage of Northern Canadian Indigenous peoples.

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Choose Natural. Feel Good.

I LOVE my Aurora Heat!!! Natural, sustainable, and durable. The customer service has always felt warm and proficient, just like the fur! 

Meika Visser, Edson, AB

I travelled to the NWT and found Aurora Heat. My wife LOVES her hand warmers. I'm getting her the foot warmers and a pair for me too!

Deuane Hoffman, Pennsylvania, USA

It is so powerful to support a Northern business that centers traditional knowledge, teachings and climate justice at the heart of their work.

Chúk Odenigbo, Montréal, QC

I bought the hand warmers for my wife for Christmas. Three years later, they're still good as new and she never goes without her hand warmers.

Greg Shone, Quebec City, QC

The Sekui (kids) warmers have allowed my children to enjoy the cold weather and play outside for much longer than previously!

Wendy Lahey, Yellowknife, NT

The hand and foot warmers kept me warm during my hour-long walk in the -21°C weather this morning. So pleased!!

​Kat Dornian, Calgary, AB

I just got these and absolutely love them! I can't stop raving about them to friends and family and have people try them out for themselves.

Hanna Szefer, Whitehorse, YT

If you have poor circulation these will keep you at a perfect temp. I wear my warmers all year long and they are still good as new! :).

Katie Santos, Yellowknife, NT

I purchased the hands & foot warmers a few of years ago and LOVE them. Excited to receive more. Thank you for making them!

Mélanie Gagné, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

Supporting a small business. Individual attention to orders. Great Product. Sustainably sourced. Great people! I really could not be more thrilled to support Aurora Heat.

Diane Cameron, Winnipeg, MB

I received my wrist warmers today. These are SO brilliant. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. I feel like these are really going to help me. Love love love.

Sara Richardson, Toronto , ON

I was immediately impressed. They don't over heat, like the chemical warmers. Until now, I haven't been able to find anything that works this well.

Dr. Mike Nowazek, Edmonton, AB

True Canadian Warmth

Our natural & reusable warmers are designed, made and tested in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories (Thebacha, Denendeh) — a subarctic community of less than 2,500 people in Canada's Boreal Forest. 

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