Beaver Fur Threader Earrings
Beaver Fur Threader Earrings
Beaver Fur Threader Earrings
Beaver Fur Threader Earrings

Beaver Fur Threader Earrings

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Experience an elegant touch of Nature dangling from your ears. Inspired by winters in Canada, this Northern-inspired adornment is made with sheared and long-haired beaver fur. Choose from Natural Brown, Luxurious Black or Long-haired for your choice of fur, and Sterling Silver or 14-karat Gold for your choice of precious metal. The gold or silver threader is adjustable so you can change the length to match your look!

Handmade by our Lead Artisan, Bryanna Modeste, who was raised in the small Dene community of Deline on Great Bear Lake and now resides in Thebacha.

$1 from every product purchased is contributed to on-the-Land initiatives for Indigenous youth, educators and knowledge holders.

Sheared beaver fur or long-haired beaver fur from the Genuine Mackenzie Valley Fur Program which supports Indigenous Trappers in Northern Canada.

Sterling silver or 14-karat gold-filled threader.

Silicone earring stopper.

String the earring threader through your ear piercing and adjust to your desired length.

1-inch fur pom-pom
89 mm sterling silver cable chain ear thread
89 mm 14 karat gold-filled cable chain ear thread

We are confident in the effectiveness and quality of our products and offer a 1-year happiness guarantee. Simply contact us for a full refund.

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