Brenda Named 1 of 4 Indigenous Designers to Know by U.S. Outdoor Publication, SNEWS!

Brenda Named 1 of 4 Indigenous Designers to Know by U.S. Outdoor Publication, SNEWS!

October 12th marks Indigenous People's Day to honour Indigenous people around the globe. SNEWS, an outdoor industry publication, reached out to us to learn more about our sustainable warmers and the Indigenous worldview that inspires our offerings. Brenda Dragon, President and Founder at Aurora Heat, Inc., designs all of our products and took some time to chat with U.S. based SNEWS writer, Amelia Arevnsen.

Here are some of our favourite highlights from the full news story:

  • When Brenda started her company, Aurora Heat, five years ago, she turned to beaver fur as a natural replacement for those disposable hand and foot warmers that end up on the slopes and in landfills.

  • Not only is beaver fur one of the best natural insulators, it’s also Dragon’s traditional way of keeping warm as someone from Dënesųłiné heritage.

  • Dragon explains that beavers are plentiful in Canada, and particularly in the Northwest Territories. By managing the beavers through traditional harvesting, her company supports the animal's abundance.

  • “There are ways for humans and animals to live together and support the web of life,” Dragon said. She believes that using fur instead of synthetic products to keep warm is a way we can reconnect with nature. “I believe humans are part of nature. That is our Indigenous worldview."

Thank you to Amelia and SNEWS for taking the time to recognize and honour our Indigenous worldview and efforts to help others live in harmony with nature!

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